Janet Echelman on Odeonsplatz

TLD stages art and realizes the vision.

The art of Janet Echelman seems to float. On the occasion of the IAA Mobility 2021, a new work was created on the Odeonsplatz in Munich. "Earthtime 1.26 - Munich" is an impressive piece of art that impresses people at night with its play of light and is inspired by the wave motion triggered by the shift in plate tectonics in the Pacific Ocean. An illuminated sculpture that transforms the place into a magical place. Therefore, light is a key component of this art installation.

With their many years of experience and expertise, the specialists from our Pool of Experts were able to translate the artist's ideas into a customized lighting design. Simulation and pre-programming then enabled the concept to be efficiently implemented on site, bringing the 24 x 21m work above the Mercedes Benz pavilion to life.

TLD helps artists achieve the greatest visual impact - illuminating their art in the most beautiful and effective way. We develop precise lighting concepts and fully customized lighting designs. This is how we create incomparable experiences for all visitors.

Video clip in the ARD media library

Photos: © Andreas Keller Fotografie