IAA Mobility 2021

Art in the light - Janet Echelman at the Odeonsplatz

For the duration of the IAA Mobility 2021, the well-known Odeonsplatz in Munich was transformed into a Mercedes Benz Open Space. There, not only the new models of the premium manufacturer had to be put in the spotlight on two levels. But also, high above it all, a unique work of art.

For the square in front of the Feldherrnhalle was dominated, visible from afar, by the ethereal object "Earthtime 1.26 Munich" - created especially for the occasion by the internationally renowned US artist Janet Echelman. Her expansive textile construction stretched seemingly weightlessly over everything. The effect of the meshwork, reminiscent of a dream catcher, was able to unfold through a finely nuanced, lively interplay of light and color.

IAA MOBILITY 2021 Janet Echelman 01
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Light, air

IAA MOBILITY 2021 Echelman 080b entw

© Andreas Keller Fotografie

With Earthtime 1.26 Munich, the TLD team entered "new air", and did so in three ways: physically, in terms of lighting technology and artistically – all within a tight time frame.

First, four tall pylons had to be used to support the enormous horizontal tensile forces of the artwork. The free-standing girders had to be braced on the ground with up to three massive counterweights. It goes without saying that safety was the top priority in the frequented public space.

In addition, from a height of six meters upwards, the lighting equipment also had to be set up on the pylons. Last but not least, it was a matter of using creative means to breathe visual life into a work of art. All this was done according to the ideas and, of course, in coordination with the creator of Earthtime 1.26 Munich, in order to ensure, together with her, an adequate implementation down to the last detail.


IAA MOBILITY 2021 Janet Echelman 03

© Andreas Keller Fotografie

Viewed from the ground, the impressive Earthtime 1.26 Munich presented itself as if from a single mold. Its magnetic-dynamic effect was based on a complex interplay of colors, fades and motion effects. This is where TLD's Pool of Experts was able to bring its experience and creativity to bear. Simulation and pre-programming then allowed the concept to be implemented efficiently on site.

  • Lighting design square, artwork, pavilion
  • Equipment and suspension on 4 pylons
  • Dimensions artwork 24m x 21m
  • Floodlights from 6m height
  • Coordination trades for the construction
  • Floodlights and moving spots
  • High power LED projectors
  • Programming color dynamics with over 30 sequences, fades etc.
  • Realization hand in hand with the artist


TLD helps artists and exhibitors alike to achieve the greatest possible visual impact.

In this case, that meant illuminating art in the most beautiful and impressive way. We develop precise lighting concepts and fully customized lighting designs. This is how we create incomparable experiences for all visitors.

IAA MOBILITY 2021 Janet Echelman 05

© Andreas Keller Fotografie

Light was a key element of the art installation at Odeonsplatz. The specialists from our Pool of Experts were able to translate the artist's ideas into a great design. The illuminated sculpture by Janet Echelman transformed the square into a magical place.

Looking back on this exciting sub-project of IAA Mobility 2021 is doubly gratifying for TLD. On the one hand, the difficult, novel tasks on site could be managed smoothly thanks to perfect preparation. On the other hand, the sight of the much-noticed work of art in its full effect after dark was a kind of reward in itself.

We got to know the artist as a fascinating personality - working together with Janet Echelman was an honor and great fun. We are very much looking forward to further joint actions of Art & Light!