IAA Mobility 2021

Studio at Hoch5

Hoch5: The innovative location in Munich's Werksviertel offers an ambience for events of all kinds. With its indoor and outdoor areas, the Hoch5 can very flexibly meet different requirements. For the IAA Mobility 2021, a studio technically planned by TLD went into operation there, which we also managed over the course of the multi-day event (#dreamerson).

Presented, streamed, hybrid: In addition to a conventional evening event and an online talk, the task was to stage the world premiere of a Porsche concept car.

For the online talk, "normal" broadcasting was sufficient. With the support of a system house, the stream from the studio was distributed to the various channels and reached the audience via YouTube and Facebook, among others.

Courage for the new: Porsche presented the Mission R, an innovative, aesthetically and functionally impressive e-racing car. A complex hybrid event as a "stage" corresponded with the extraordinary occasion. The task was to plan and coordinate a 90-minute event, including live direction in Hoch5, and parallel streaming with six interpreters in separate booths.


In Hoch5, TLD was able to score with almost all the competencies from its pool of experts. Because there was a lot to do at all levels:

  • Studio planning with light, sound, video
  • Coordination of trades for the set-up
  • Live direction at Hoch5
  • Triple streaming (E, DE, CH)
  • 3-language ventriloquism in real time
  • 6 booths for simultaneous interpretation
  • Mixing of images from 5 cameras
  • Direction in the basement: split main stream, assign languages, bundle communication
  • Planning outdoor areas: Lighting, background sound, voice transmission
  • Coordination crane: bring in 3 vehicles


Stay mobile

What was it all about? A lot of technology, little space and even less time - as is often the case. But due to the special circumstances, the bar was raised a bit higher.

Above all, Hoch5 had to do justice to the 3 different formats: Live event, online talk and evening event with all their - partly conflicting - requirements.

A flexible camera setup was required for this mix of events. While conventional streaming gets by with fixed camera positions, the live event is only optimally staged with cinematic means. The studio therefore had to be equipped for both, for the frontal show as well as for dynamic camera movements across the room.

There were also numerous additional requirements and technical tasks in the background, including splitting the main stream and processing input from six interpreter booths.

See & be seen

Another challenge, in the midst of the spotlight: How do texts remain comfortably recognizable without obscuring the view of the location? The answer lay in a fine balance of contrast, transparency, pixel pitch and a special LED as background. Its semi-transparency and L-shaped geometry guaranteed good legibility - and yet gave a clear view into the open, large space with its industrially inspired ambience.